We represent Manufacturer

We are the official representatives of GUOXIN MACHINERY in Lithuania. We offer drying machines of various capacities and types for drying leaves, inflorescences, seeds, fruits, vegetables and other products. Based on experience, we can provide consultations on the selection of the drying machine according to your needs. Before purchasing a dryer, you can come and inspect the dryers already in use. We provide a one-year warranty for drying machines, and provide warranty and post-warranty service.
GUOXIN MACHINERY is a professional dryer manufacturer in China, which exports most of its products to the USA, but is also expanding in Europe. The company's products have European CE certificates and are adapted to work in the food industry.

We trade In parts

We sell original parts for agricultural machinery manufacturer HOLMER. We supply spare parts for combines and other equipment to Lithuanian customers. Employees with many years of experience can promptly consult on troubleshooting issues, help identify the need for the necessary details. Together with Swedish engineers, we help to quickly determine the causes of errors and ways to eliminate them. We can offer new and used parts from stock. We also promptly deliver parts from the central Holmer warehouse. We consult on the purchase of equipment, mediate in the purchase process.
HOLMER Maschinenbau GmbH is a German company founded in 1969 and a world market leader in self-propelled sugar beet harvesting machines.

We provide Services

We provide all services related to the removal of sugar beet, loading into vehicles and delivery to the buyer. We provide these services throughout Lithuania. We may provide all or any of the above services. If necessary, we help to compile agrotechnological and economic plans for sugar beet growing. The work is performed by employees with many years of experience in this field, sugar beet is harvested and loaded with modern specialized and efficient loaders-cleaners. The services are provided by preserving the quality of sugar beet harvest, cleaning sugar beet from dirt and without compacting the soil at sugar beet storage sites.

Dryer purchase process

  • We identify the need
  • We choose a dryer
  • We order production
  • Introducing

Find out what products you are going to dry; we discuss the volume, time and perspective required for drying; we discuss the size of the space for the dryer and other parameters of the room; we provide the type and volume of energy for the dryer; we discuss the delivery time of the dryer.

According to the identified need, we select and offer a dryer; we coordinate the technical parameters, prepare the specification of the dryer parameters for the contract; we negotiate the price; we discuss the method and course of payment; we sign a contract.

Upon receipt of the agreed advance payment, we place an order for the production of the dryer; during the production time of the dryer we coordinate the conditions of transportation of the dryer; after final payment, the dryer is prepared for transportation.

The production and transportation of the dryer takes about 4 months; delivery is carried out only by sea to Klaipeda port, we take care of customs and arrangement of import documents; we deliver the dryer to the buyer to the place provided for in the contract; the buyer shall take care of the unloading and assembly of the dryer, unless otherwise provided in the contract.