Flower dryers

Drying area
Operating temperature
Performance (wet weight)
Dimensions of the heat exchanger
Electricity consumption
Need space for parking

GX series dryer parameters in PDF format

The mesh conveyor-type flower dryer usually uses hot air drying technology to allow the flowers to dry quickly and to meet a variety of flower drying requirements.
The condition and color of the flowers can be controlled during drying to preserve as many nutrients and flower color as possible.
Flower dryer features and benefits:
1. Short drying cycle, high output capacity, can achieve large amounts of continuous drying;
2. Closed hot air cycle in the dryer, high thermal efficiency, energy saving;
3. Automatic cycle, stable drying effects;
4. High evaporation efficiency, best quality and color dried flowers.
Dryer components:
Feed conveyor (fresh raw material enters the dryer via the conveyor)
Exhaust conveyor (used to transport dried raw materials)
Drying area (raw material is loaded on the drying main conveyor belt and moves forward from the top layer to the bottom layer)
Fan (sufficient air in the dryer to improve drying efficiency)
Heat exchanger oven (supplying heat to the dryer)
Control panel (control speed and temperature)
Fuel: wood, biomass, gas, diesel, propane, steam, electricity.
Dryer working principles:
Fresh raw material is transported inside the dryer by a conveyor. The raw material passes from the first layer to the last layer through the conveyor belt, and the dried raw material is transferred by the exhaust conveyor. The dryer uses hot air as the drying medium. Hot air passes through the raw material from the bottom up. Moisture escapes through the top of the dryer. The dryer not only uses heat but also a strong air flow. It increases drying efficiency and shortens drying time.