Grape dryers

Drying area
Operating temperature
Performance (wet weight)
Dimensions of the heat exchanger
Electricity consumption
Need space for parking

GXRB series dryer parameters in PDF format

The grape drying machine is also called raisin dehydrator. Depending on the drying conditions of the grapes, the drying time may be longer or shorter. The raisin drying technology consists of these three stages.
First, the freshly harvested grapes are soaked in water for 3 to 5 minutes before being hung or placed in a tray, the grapes are pushed into a trolley, set at a temperature of 35 ° C and a humidity of 30%, and dried for 15 to 18 hours.
The second step is to set the temperature and humidity at 38 ℃ degrees, the time from 35 to 40 hours.
Third: set at a temperature of 39 ° C, a humidity of 25% and dry for about 48 to 55 hours.